Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Trivia: LaVell Edwards Stadium

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  1. Just gonna guess somewhere between 25-30.

  2. My source says 36th.

    I'm hoping that BYU going independent will make it easier for them to schedule games at LSU (92,400, #8), at Tennessee (102,455, #3), and at Penn State (107,282, #1). It would be cool to see games at those venues, along with the games at Notre Dame. I've already been to Penn State once for a white-out game. Awesome experience.

  3. It looks like the "big boys" are more willing these days to schedule quality competition, so we could see visits to these places.

    I remember BYU going to Penn State back in 91, when they were still independent. It has been much harder since PSU joined the Big Ten.

    Wyoming made it out to Tennessee a few years ago, so I don't see why BYU couldn't.

    For LSU we need Gary Crowton to pull a few strings there. Don't know on how good of terms we are with him (we made his offense look really bad in the 2006 Vegas Bowl, so he might not be willing to help us here).