Monday, September 27, 2010

One Wild Week for the Brigham Young Cougars

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  1. Good analysis. Personally, I think people to take it easy on Bronco Mendenhall. He is still a very young coach, and this was the first year he had to deal with difficult situation at quarterback. This has been a learning experience for him as much as it has been for his team.

    As for "over praising" Nelson without giving Heaps due recognition after the Nelson injury, what do people want him to do? Just kick Nelson to the curb because his season is over? Of course is going to publicly praise what Nelson has done and the hard work he put in for this team. If he gave a lot of praise to Heaps, how do people think Nelson would feel? Despite the fact that it helped resolve a difficult decision, his injury should not be viewed as a good thing. That would not be fair to Nelson.

    The Chambers suspension should not be blamed on Mendenhall. He is not the one who made the rules (BYU Honor Code), nor is he the one who broke them. I certainly hope to see Chambers return and get involved and have a great season, but I see no reason to criticize Bronco on this one.

  2. Nice analysis.

    I don't understand why people would criticize Bronco for praising Nelson when announcing Nelson will have season-ending surgery. Especially since, part of the reason Nelson will have surgery is because he kept playing when hurt, giving his all to the team.

    Bronco will have all season to praise Heaps.

    I do get the sense Bronco favors seniority over talent. But are we really surprised? Bronco's mantra is "execution," so of course he's going to favor the guy that can "execute." In the end though, it hurts the team. A more talented player riding the bench doesn't do anything for the team. Put the best players on the field. Maybe it will motivate the lackluster players to work a bit harder rather than see their starting spot go to a freshman.

  3. With our lack of a presence at tight end do you think So'oto could help in key spots. He couldn't make the spot with Pitta and George on the team but he looks better to me than what we have now, at least until Chambers is back.

  4. Sorry but WVU is no Utah, they're just not.

    Not that I expect anything but blue goggled man love coming from you when it comes to BYU.

    Utah got their national respect by putting together a string of undefeated seasons, and playing in BCS games, not beating Pitt this year. Utah is at the point where people will start paying attention whenever they put a team on the field. There is a reason why Utah has been able to go from #24 to #12 in 4 games, even against crap competition, that reason is the national cred they've earned in the past half decade.

    Good luck to our cougs against WVU, it will be a total embarrassment to lose on that stage.

  5. That is an interesting idea about So'oto. He seems to be settling in well on the D line. Definitely something the coaches should consider.

  6. Jim, you are reading too much into my comparison of Utah to WVU.

    I was looking for a team BYU faces regularly to help put the game into persepctive.

    Maybe it is a bit of a stretch.

    Who would you compare WVU to?