Monday, September 20, 2010

The Brigham Young Cougars Quarterback Conundrum

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  1. Who is the author of this article.
    Well though out and explained.

    Its analysis beats the rants we're getting on cougarfan and other boards.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    I just read that Nelson has an undisclosed finger injury, so the headache might be solved for the coaches.

  3. Well said, Scott. I think that the coach's just need to make a decision and stick with it. I think if the coaches committed to Nelson and developing his passing attack, there would be a much better chance of him becoming "two dimensional" and being able to better fit the BYU mold.

    On the other hand, if the just choose to stick to Heaps, then they could focus on helping him develop more rapidly and workout all the "freshman" mistakes. I think our chances on this season are just as good with either one, but much better with commitment to one rather than indecision and back and forth play.

    I also think that once that decision is made, the coaches can focus on developing the other positions (O-Line, WR, TE, etc.) I think right now the quarterback conundrum is effecting the performance of these other positions.

    Lastly, I think that just because one quarterback is chosen does not mean we cannot use the other quarterback. If we commit to Heaps, then we can continue to utilize Nelson's running ability based on situational needs. If we commit to Nelson, then we can still take the time to play Heaps a little every game (maybe commit 2-4 series to him) in order to help him grow and develop. Regardless, we need to to have the coaches name a clear cut number 1. No, it won't be easy, but if they wait much longer the before committing, the whole season could be lost.

  4. Looks like Nelson's injury has resolved the conundrum: