Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Trivia: The Most Players Named All-Conference

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  1. Isn't there an all-freshmen or all-newcomers team? If so, I would think a handful of BYU players (Van Noy, Hoffman, Quezada, Heaps, etc.) would make the lists or at least get some votes.

  2. All they have is a Freshman of the Year award.

    There are Freshman All-American lists, but on a conference level, it is difficult to find freshman who contributed at every position every year. And even if you do have freshman at every position, you don't want to honor a player it he really isn't good. If you only have one freshman offensive lineman, but he let his man sack the quarterback 10 times, you don't want to reward that, but you would have to because he is the only one to choose from.