Monday, November 29, 2010

Was Saturday The "End" of The Brigham Young Cougars-Utah Utes Rivalry? No Way!

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  1. Another cross conference rivalry you didn't mention was USC/Ohio State.

    People who think a conference championship must be online are clueless. Are they even paying attention to this very year? No conference championship was online, yet it was still a big deal to both sides. The year 2000 was the same way.

    Also, look no further than the BYU-Utah State rivalry. It has been early in the year, cross-conference, and uncompetitive for more than a decade. Yet, to beat BYU this year was a big deal to USU.

    As for recruiting, I doubt that Utah will get that much of an edge. BYU, as most know, have a unique recruiting niche (due to the honor code), and so I do not think it really matters. BYU will keep getting the kind of players they usually do. BYU stays relevant nationally not because they have great recruiting classes year after year, but because the coaching staff finds young men who will fit the program and develops them into the kind of players that can succeed in BYU's system (and culture).