Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Trivia: 10 Consecutive wins

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  1. I count 7.

    1979 - 11 games
    1980-1981 - 17 games
    1983-1984 - 24 games
    1996 - 12 games
    2000-2001 - 14 games
    2006-2007 - 11 games
    2007-2008 - 16 games

    It's funny. They talk about the 1980 team with the win in the bowl game against SMU. They talk about 1984 and 1996. I've never heard anyone make a big deal out of the 1979 team that won all 11 regular season games before losing to Indiana in the Holiday Bowl, 37-38.

  2. First, Anonymous, you have the right answer: 7. I only have one subtle difference in the seven win streaks.

    1983-1985: 25 games

    As for 1979, you are right. It is probably the most underrated team. I even have a trivia question about that team planned for later in the year.

    Losing the last game of the season hurts 1979 in fans' memories (on a missed field goal no less). However, it was a year that featured an upset of a national power, and set several new school and NCAA records. It was also one of the first, if not the first, time that a BYU game was broadcast nationwide.

  3. You are correct. BYU beat Boston College in the first game of 1985 before losing to UCLA. 25 games.