Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 10 BYU Football Games: #1-Miami, 1990

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  1. Honorable Mention (in no particular order)
    Penn State, 1992 (30-17)
    Oregon, 1989 (45-41)
    Oregon, 2006 (38-8)
    Texas A&M, 1996 (41-37)
    Utah, 1996 (37-17)
    Utah, 2006 (33-31)
    Oregon State, 2009 (44-20)

    The Air Force 1985 game (28-21) was another game considered, and in retrospect, this game should be in the top 10. I confess to makeing a glaring omission. Anytime you beat the #4 ranked team that finishes the season ranked #8, that is a big, big win (Air Force would have had a strong case for the National Championship if BYU had not won this game). Not to mention, this win was essential for the confrence championship (10th in a row), and to get BYU into the Florida Citrus Bowl at the end of the year. Using the scoring system this game would get 75 points, which would make it the 4th best game all-time, and knock the Notre Dame game out of the top 10.

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