Friday, February 12, 2010

The Ins and Outs of BYU and Pac-10 Expansion

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  1. Here's what will happen:

    The PAC-10, Big-12, and BYU and Utah will combine to form a 24 team conference with 4 six-team divisions. The new super conference will hold a four-team, mini playoff (with the winner of each division) to determine a conference champion. The new super conference will sign a TV contract that will dwarf the current SEC contract with ESPN.

    In the years to come, the SEC, ACC, Big-10, and Big East will want a piece of the action and will form their own super conference with a mini-playoff to determine the conference champion. Because of the drastic conference realignments, the two super-conference champions end up playing each other for the BCS national championship, which essentially means that the college football world has formed an 8 team playoff system.

    Ok, maybe not.

  2. Scott, I pretty much agree with you. I think Utah, BYU, and TCU should all stick with the MWC and keep fighting for parity in the collage football. I would hate to see the MWC fall apart. However, if both TCU and Utah jump ship, then BYU needs to get out as well, otherwise our whole program could go down with the rest of the MWC.